The Line of Slack

One of the most reasonable conclusions that a philosophy such as IGITY leads to is that of balance. To simultaneously accept the beliefs of atheists and theists requires a view from multiple perspectives and an inherent sense of moderation. This practice is also useful when confronted with stressful, upsetting, or intense situations. Resisting the urge to act in an extreme and emotional way is usually the path of least conflict. While this does not necessarily come naturally, I believe it is possible to achieve a more balanced state of mind by acting on the body’s physical balance.

I’ve always enjoyed balancing long objects on my hands, feet, nose, and chin, and have taken much satisfaction in taming gravity. A couple of years ago I purchased my first slackline and took my ability to balance to a higher level. Now it is not just a straight object that I keep vertical by shifting its base, but rather I am the dynamic object of balance and my sources of correction are my arms and legs. Unlike the three-dimensional space that I used to master the balance of inanimate objects, my forward movement is restricted to a one-dimensional line that ebbs and flexes with each and every step.

The body is thus forced into a synchronous harmony with the balance center in the brain, and you begin to develop instinctual responses to counter a loss of balance. The initial difficulty of learning these skills is so intense that it is hard to think about anything other than flexing your muscles in the right way and maintaining your place on the slackline. Instantly, the troubling thoughts that were subconsciously haunting you are lost to the demand of acquiring a new skill set and learning to move naturally and fluently. A sort of forced-meditation is induced just through the act of standing on the line. The linear movement mimics a swinging pendulum while the slackline itself is parallel and at a right-angle to the human bilateral axis of symmetry. As the limbs dangle off the left or right side of the slackline, the left and right sides of the brain are forced to work together toward a common goal of keeping the being upright.

I have also found that the more time I spend on a slackline, the better my physical and mental health tend to be. I become more motivated to write and work and build and accomplish, and I am inspired with new ideas. There is definitely something good that happens in the mind when you subject yourself to an intense physical workout coupled with the intense focus and concentration required to balance on a slackline. I encourage everyone to develop some sort of balance routine in their life, whether it be yoga, bicycling, dancing, slacklining, or something else. Enhancing the mind-body relationship and increasing ambidexterity will lead to a happier life!


Trading all Jacks

No longer just the change that I wish to see in the world, this philosophy has become a part of who I am. Through years of development, consideration, and refinement, I have whittled away at the ambiguous form and started to carve out the shape beneath. The periods of accelerated interest wax and wane like the cycles of the moon, but as the moon persists, so does this idea. Like most trades that I approach in life, I have limited desire to master this much farther than the realm of the Jack. If I spend too much time on any particular concept or skill, I cannot help but feel that my time is being wasted. Once the law of diminishing returns kicks in, I quickly lose interest and desire to master the notion. This works well for me in my life, but it also has the consequence of often leaving things unfinished.

For an idea such as IGITY, the same threshold of diminishing returns will eventually apply and I will feel like I have exhausted my capability to elaborate any further. This, however, does not mean that the thoughts and ideas that I express are the limit of reach that IGITY could have. I have always encouraged these ideas to be a collaborative effort and I wish for anyone, regardless of their background, to contribute to these thoughts and help to expand IGITY into a philosophy of peace and altruism. My words will only go so far and will only touch so many people. The true power of IGITY will be the way in which it slowly begins to spread as collective thought starts to take hold. Once the tipping point is reached, or once the idea becomes “viral”, there is no stopping it.

I need your help for this to happen. I need your ideas, your critiques, your encouragement, and for you to be a messenger. If you read this and have any reaction to the concepts, I would love to hear about them. The more people that are discussing and progressing this line of thought, the faster that it will spread and gain interest. The sooner that the concepts spread, the sooner that the world will begin to make changes for the better. It is a pipe dream, and one that I may never live to see fully realized. But as I am alive today, I will continue to work towards developing these ideas with the hope that someday they might have an impact. You can help make this a reality, and I hope that you do. We can direct the change that we want to see in the world…no longer do we have to be passive observers acting out the will of corrupt politicians and greedy lobbyists. We have the power to make things different, so why not put it to good use?